Welcome to SCSilverdak.com

Welcome to SCSilverdak.com, home of Ron Taylor's supercharged 2001 Dodge Dakota!! Here you'll find a wealth of info on modifications and general dakota information. Feel free to browse the site and see how an ordinary 4X4 Dodge Dakota was transformed into the 13 second SCSilverdak!

***NEW- Video from the Carisle 2004 Dyno!***

Winter shop pictures

Over the past few weeks, I've been putting the final touches on the truck in order to get it ready for the 2004 car show season. So far, I've installed a Katskin leather Interrior, painted dash, a StreetScene bumper cover, StreetScene wiper cowl, and a set of Boyd Cognington Smoothie Rims. All of these mods have really given the truck a new look, and should bring me home some more trophies!

Taking on a NEW look TOO!




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